World Of Whisky Sunday 16.06 HH

This is going to be fantastic! Wanna come for a whisky tasting on a boat with me on Sunday? Sign up quick! I'll be dishing out some fantastic stuff from the island of Jura!

Irish Whisky & TACOs with the Goneaway bar and the tortilla guy - 31.07.2019 - 19:30

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We did this about two months ago with scotch and it was completely booked out. On the evening we had on Irish Whiskey and the softness of the Irish stuff was a treat with the Mexican inspired flavours. I’m going to be back in Ireland soon and will get a few gems not on the market here. Register using the button below and we’ll see you there!

Bushmills x The Whisky Jack x Blue de Gênes & Co ///NEW DATE TBC///


One of my favourite Irish Whiskies and one of my favourite brands of clothing: Bushmills x The Whisky Jack x Blue de Gênes & Co.
We’re going on a short trip to Ireland. Some facts + true craftsmanship + traditional techniques + as well as incomparable taste of Irish whiskey. Relax with a glass in hand and feel free to try one or two beautiful pieces fantastic clothing.

This is a sponsored free event so there’s no need to buy tickets but have a look on facebook and tell us if you’re coming:

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