This is a quick little ditty about the new Triple Triple from Jameson: we tried this last week at one of our whisky tastings in Hamburg. I picked it up in Dublin for 52 euro in travel retail for a 1 liter bottle. Firstly the bottle feels huge and honestly I really like the name and branding. We reviewed it as a group and strangely there wasn’t a lot of dispute about the notes, so here you go - Aroma: Banana, chocolate, green apple, almond,and orange marmalade. Vanilla and cinnamon were also there. Flavour: Grapefruit, a little oily, pineapple caramel and overall a very smooth whiskey. Finish: very short but pleasant: coffee, tobacco, dark chocolate and orange oil.
In general this is a pleasing whiskey that’s very easy to drink. If you’re looking for something amazing then you won’t find it here. However if your hotel or restaurant bar had it on the back bar then you wouldn’t be disappointed either. Will never be a classic but I would find it hard to find people who didn’t like it. Overall nice, maybe even delicious but you might ask yourself if you couldn’t use your 52 euro more wisely. Make it 40 Euro and 700 ml and you’ve got me. Big thanks to my reviewers aka partners in crime!

Jameson Triple.JPG